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American Eucharist

American Eucharist is a one-hour episodic SVoD dramatic series I created and wrote.  Originally a full-length play, I began “American Eucharist” when I was a fellow at the Blue Mountain Center Artists Residency.  


The pilot script is available upon request.


With the 1991 Desert Storm War in the background, four siblings meet one Saturday afternoon in New Canaan, Connecticut to divide up their deceased parents’ possessions. This series asks two questions, “Can families heal themselves?” and, “What happens after a miracle happens?”


American Eucharist had a directed reading at the June Havoc Theater, The Abingdon Theater Complex, NYC. 


The feedback from the audience was “I had to pinch myself to remind myself that I wasn’t watching a real family.”  The main scenes in the pilot are written to appear as single, extended take to support that experience of watching a real family in real time.

Audio Excerpts

The actors did a quick read through prior to the live reading and remained on-book during the performance.  Liz Douglas played EVE, PJ Sosko played ALEC, Steven Ogg played WALTER and Chris Stack played GORDON.  Stage directions were read by Kenyon Philips.
A 3-minute password protected audio excerpt from the June Havoc reading is available below.

password: wakeup

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