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Zoe, What's Going On?

Zoe, What’s Going On? is a half-hour episodic SVoD horror-comedy series, co-written and co-conceived by Tom, Brittany, Zoe, and Sami Moore.
The pilot script is available upon request.
The series follows the Moore Family from Westfield, New Jersey, who happened to have two demonically possessed daughters (They’re NOT zombies!  They hate that comparison!). 
It’s not easy for young, shy girls to grow up and stay true to themselves, especially when they feel different. For the Moore family, this means they must manage their suburban lives and support their two daughters whose difference is that they have a thirst for blood.  Our series asks the question, “How do you fit in when you want to eat all the people around you?” 
We completed a 2-minute, self-funded, proof of concept short. The goal was to film the opening scene of a 21-minute pilot.  We were fortunate to get into 4 film festivals within two months of completing our short, and this encouraged us to take the next step and start an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to complete the pilot.

Indiegogo Fundraising 

Our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign raised 112% of our goal.   


We will begin production to complete our pilot as soon SAG provides full clearance that it’s safe to resume filming. 


Zoe, What's Going On? was an official selection at the following festivals:

  • Best Shorts Competition (2019),

  • WINNER: Best Shorts Competition: Award of Recognition: Young Filmmaker - 17 and Younger” (2019)

  • Westfield International Film Festival (2019)

  • NYC Chain Film Festival (2019)

  • Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival 2019)

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