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Julie, Paul, & Jack

The Chain Theatre's Winter One-Act Festival

Thomas Moore’s one-act play, JULIE, PAUL & JACK premiered in February 2022 in New York City at The Chain Theatre’s Winter One-Act Festival. The play had 5 performances including an encore performance after winning the Audience Choice Award.

The play follows therapist, Jack Smyth, who’s exceptional at helping his patients no matter what challenges they present him. Despite this, Jack’s struggling with his own crisis after his love relationship has ended. Jack works with Paul and Julie, a vulnerable couple who are very much in-love. However, the crazy thoughts in their heads are defeating them. They turn to Jack in the hopes that he can help them breakthrough to a place of deeper connection and well, shared reality.

Julie, Paul, & Jack - Talkback

After the play, the Chain Theatre moderated a talkback discussion with the creative team behind the play as well as the cast. In this clip, Thomas Moore discusses his inspiration behind the characters and offers a glimpse into his creative process.

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