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Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy is a half-hour episodic SVoD series I created and wrote.  Originally a short screenplay, the script has been expanded into a SVoD series.  As a NYC therapist for the past 27 years, my professional experiences provide the story and its characters with an authenticity that would not otherwise be possible. 
Jack is exceptional at helping his patients no matter what challenges they present him. And Jack is scathingly honest about himself. Yet, despite this, Jack’s on the verge of self-destruction due to his recent relapse into an old drug addiction and the ending of his love relationship.


The audience knows what Jack’s patients will never know: That outside of their sessions, Jack is as vulnerable and drawn to darkness as they are. This play explores a central question: Can Jack heal himself as he heals his patients?  Or will Jack become a casualty of life, the very thing he stops his patients from becoming? 


The swirling stories in this series are filled with old, young, healthy, disabled, black, white, brown, Korean, Jewish and straight characters, all of whom seek to heal themselves through the power of therapy and their faith in Jack.
The pilot script is available upon request.
Talk Therapy
 has won multiple screenwriting awards, was invited into the NYC Fringe Festival as a full-length play, and has been selected into the advanced rounds of several major screenwriting contests.  

​Jack & Paul is a 14-minute short that serves as a proof of concept for the “Talk Therapy” series.

Talk Therapy Video Pitch

“Video Pitch” is a 4-minute video filmed as a part of our advanced round application to the Sundance Competition. The pitch was written by Jayce Bartok, directed by Jayce and Tiffany Bartok, filmed and edited by Andres Karu, sound by Rodrigo Lopresti, and makeup by Tiffany Bartok.  Jayce Bartok and Tom Moore star (in my acting debut).

Competitions & Festivals

  • CineStory’s Short Script Competition, Winner

  • WilliFEST's Outstanding Achievement in Short Screenwriting, Winner

  • NYC Fringe Festival Selection, Winner

  • Sundance/YouTube’s Episodic Story Lab, Advanced Round

  • Roadmap Writers/Route One Entertainment Contest, Finalist

  • Cinequest’s 30-minute Pilot Teleplay Competition, Finalist

  • New York Film and Television Festival, Finalist

  • Creative World Awards 30-minutes Pilot Competition, Semifinalist

  • PAGE Awards 30-minute Pilot Competition, Semifinalist

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